Homemade Chocolate Fudge Recipe

 Do you love homemade chocolates? If yes then you must try this recipe! This homemade chocolate recipe is a melting moreish dessert recipe that can be crackled in to the mouth at any point of time! Chocolates are all time favourite for everyone and there’s no specific occasion needed to eat them. 


                        TOTAL TIME                                                     PREPARING TIME

                           3 Hours                                                                   10 min


·        120 g cooking chocolate

·        1 tin condensed milk (Milk made, Mithai mate etc)

·        50 g unsalted butter

·        ½ cup powder sugar

·        1 t spoon vanilla essence

·        Almond, raisins chopping (optional)


Place condensed milk, butter and sugar in thick pan in low flame. Mix well until it forms a soft ball consistency (in cold water put one drop of the mix and if you are able to make a ball with your fingers, then it is the right consistency)


Now off the stove and put the grated chocolate in the bowl and mix until they form a paste and add 1 t spoon of vanilla essence, add almond, raisin chopping and mix it well.


Now pour the mixture into molds. Keep it in room temperature for some time till it cools down, then place it in the fridge till they become hard. Remove chocolate from the mold and cut it into small pieces. 

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